Radio: Got a radio, Got an antenna, where’s my Call-Sign?

Well I made a trip out to the radio store yesterday and picked up a nice little handheld radio. It’s a Kenwood TH-D7 series with a TNC and APRS support. This is nifty stuff. Eventually I’ll be able to plug my GPS into this thing and send my location out to others. I wonder if it’s possible to collect this data and record my tracklines on a computer that I can review when I get back home.

First thing’s first though – Industry Canada has to issue me a callsign before I can actually use that “transmit” button. Good thing the radio lets me lock out the TX features so I can play around with it. Already I’ve listened to a few ‘Nets, dialed up the Environment Canada weather forecast (162.400 MHz for that one around here) and even marvelled at the APRS data as it comes into my unit. Can’t wait to hook this thing up to my computer and dabble with packet modes. For now though, the cool stuff is going to have to wait until Industry Canada issues that callsign.

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