Geocaching: I Made the paper today!

Well, it looks like all that fun we had in Bracebridge a couple weeks ago had made the local news there. We had a freelance reporter join us for the first few geocaches of the day – 25 or so people all with snowshoes on.

That was a fun day, and you’ve already seen some of the photos. Some of the day’s highlights were

  • Snowshoeing up a rock cut instead of using the proper trail
  • Roaming snowball fights, including one were we got Chris-Mouse and SPIKE back before they could get off the pedestrian bridge (no ammo there!)
  • The 1km long rolling snowball fight
  • Driving down a summer-only maintained logging road and meeting everyone at the parking co-ordinates from the direction of the hiking trail
  • Following TOMTEC on the wrong way to a cache, and taking the road out.
  • Watching 30 geocachers try to find a pub with mapping GPS units and radios
  • Trying to fit 30 or so people into a pub that barely seats that many
  • The pub grub — that was fantastic stuff
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