Pardon my dust!

I’ve decided to take the plunge and try out a different software package for my website here. Up to now, I’ve been using blosxom – and it’s been a champ, particularly when it comes to that automatic geocache log post script I’ve got running.

Thing is, WordPress seems to have a better development community around it so there are just so many cool things I can do with this software – like posting my photos direct from flickr, or use my PDA to write articles offline and post them later.

I managed to find the import button, which should have brought most of the old content forward, with the exception of the geocaching logs. I’m not really up on the WordPress API yet to make another auto-script. The other thing is that I prefer to keep those logs seperate so they don’t take over the entire website.

Bad news for you, the person reading this, is that you’ll have to update your rss feed again.

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