First to Find #9

Same old, same old has been happening with regards to the race to be first at a geocache, otherwise known as FTF; First-to-find. I went out and grabbed my 9th last night. For those of you keeping score on such things, I’ve found 840 caches so far, and I was the first person to crack open that nice clean, crisp and dry logbook 9 times. So 0.01% of the time I’m out geocaching I grab a FTF.

There are other cachers in the area that I live in that have a much greater thirst for these… often a cache is found within 30 minutes to 2 hours of being posted. Since I’ve got a day-job, I don’t tend to really pay much attention to a “Published” email from unless it comes at 4:30 and it’s along my commute.

This one sat out there for 8 hours before we hiked up to it, that’s after spending a half hour looking at every grave marker in a cemetery some kilometers away. Needless to say, we were rather surprised to find the logbook empty by the time we got to it. Still, it’s nice to get one once in a while.  FTF #9 for me, shared with Kristen (Kitten on the Hunt) who got her second.

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