Time for a foxhunt

Today the Peel Amateur Radio Club participated in “Emergency Preparedness Week” in Brampton. Members of our ARES group setup a table at a shopping centre in Brampton to help educate the public about our role in an emergency situation.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get out to the mall, but I did manage to have a few contacts while out and about, and am told that everything went very well at the table. Our jammer managed to show up, he seems to be able to tell when it’s the most disruptive. In between transmissions we were treated to raspberries, touch tones and the music of Britney Spears. I shudder at what our emergency officials had to think of that.

One thing that was nice to see happening though was the RST reports on the input frequency from everyone that was monitoring the repeater. Next time we’re going to have to get out there with the directional gear and track this fellow down. In the meantime, though we’ll wait for Industry Canada to do something about this joker.

My reports:

5:15-5:21pm — S9 on PRC input from Derry Road and Dixie Road in Mississauga. Raspberries and music

5:50pm — S0 on PRC input from Sandlewood Parkway and Dixie Road in Brampton. Observed music. VE3CVS reported S9 from Queen & Torbram area. VE3IQU(?) reported S0 from Queen/McLaughlin.

Hopefully someone can take care of this guy before we *really* need the repeater.

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