Detonate in place: It’s not just for Geocaches anymore!

With all the recent press of people finding geocaches and having them blown up by the local authorities, it would appear Hollywood was feeling left out. Now they’re blowing up newspaper boxes.

It seems, someone thought it would be great if a bunch of these newspaper boxes would start playing the Mission Impossible III movie theme when they were opened. I’ll bet that spilled a few coffees around 6am the first day they did that. Commuters don’t like surprises.

Apparently, commuters get nervous when they spot a red box with wires protruding out of it in this post 9-11 world. Reminds me of the milk contest carton that the bomb squad took care of a few years ago. The winning cartons would make a “moo” sound if you won, but the would-be winning person noticed the wires first. What about the guy that robbed the bank with an empty milk carton….

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