A Twist on the Bluecoats

I have to blog about this one.

It seems a group of people took it upon themselves to pull a prank against Best Buy. They got about 80 people together, put on clothes that looked very similar to the standard uniform and walked in one at a time. Inside, they stood around at places like the ends of aisles.

When customers mistook them for staff, they offered help if they could, and when the actual store staff approached them, they claimed to be ‘waiting for somebody’. Didn’t take long for this to wear thin on the store management.
You gotta love the reactions that included managers screaming out loud that these people don’t work here, having anyone wearing a blue shirt thrown out of the store and calling the police in. Some of the participants went and tried the same stunt in a nearby Blockbuster video too.
Oh, and the improv group filmed their experiences too. Apparently, they may pull this stunt in a Target store next. Entertaining for sure, not sure I’d want to try a stunt like that, but I certainly enjoyed reading their stories.

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