Mexico: Day 2

Rained today, rare for this place. We had a pretty good thunderstorm blow in off the Carribean. The iguanas and lizards have decided to show up, and it seems there is one hiding under every piece of cement with a hollow under it.

Today also meant heavy use of the Internet cafe here, grabbing some PDA backup files from the home server as egress made my SD card forgetfull again. This part of my pocketpc wears thin on me.

We made our a la carte dinner reservations and as expected, the better restaurants are booked solid. Don Pablo was certainly a good meal though.

I wonder how my cats are doing? They would have probably liked the little Mexican stray we ran into after dinner. We’re looking forward to Chitzen-Itza and Xel-Ha later. I’m still having a lot of fun with the camera and those spots will be real busy photo days for me.

To my friends at home – “73 de Gregory in Tulum”

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