Another Geocaching Marathon Completed!

Saturday, I went out and joined 12 other people on the Great Lord Simcoe 24 Hour Geocaching Marathon. This involved staying up for 24 hours straight, by visiting geocache after geocache. Quite the busy day.

We had some guests from out of town on this year’s tour: MsKardiac, and CCCooperAgency (who has the most finds worldwide). The tour was around Kitchener/Waterloo and we ended up visiting 51 geocaches – a new record for me in a 1 day period. From what I can calculate, it looks like we drove about 140km, and hiked another 40km or so.

The picture with this story was taken during the night as we waited for some of the group to return to the main group after getting separated. It was a full moon – which made for easy visibility of the geocaches, but it also obscured the Perseids meteor shower that was also occurring. Other notable events along the trip:

– carrgirl started the day with only 4 caches to her name. Now she’s found 53 or so.
– we had three vehicles that were co-ordinated over amateur radio
– dreadnaught hit the 100 caches mark
– we stopped at least four times to load up at Tim Horton’s.
– Dr. Clean had some fun at my expense, using hornets in a gate as the medium
– The entire group climbed up a rock face and stood in a small cave
– Keith Watson startled CCCooperAgency and a few other cachers jumping out from a cornfield at 10:00 or so

Next year’s marathon is already in the planning stages, and is going to take place in the Whitby, Ontario area. Looking forward!

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