Getting Ready for my First Event Cache

Wow, what a month. I’ve been running around, with my geocaching buddies placing geocaches for my very first event cache. This one could have been centred around the obvious – it’s the weekend before Halloween, but I decided that theme has been beaten to death over the years and I wanted a bit more originality. So I went with the other possibility – the end of daylight savings time. What I normally do on a weekend is head out with three local cachers, and my wife for “night caching”. This is basically geocaching with a flashlight, after the sun goes down.

In the winter, the sun can go down as early as 4:30 around here – which means there is a lot more ‘evening’ hours in my free time than daylight hours – which I normally spend at the office. The event cache is called “Fall Back to Night Caching” and takes place this Saturday night.

We’re all meeting at the Dickens Pub in Milton, enjoying a meal and then around 8:30, 45 people will be sent out to find the 6 caches we placed over the last month in the area. It’s going to be a blast, and – if the weather holds – we’ll be enjoying hot chocolate at the end while we watch that hour disappear twilight zone style. 2 AM is going to occur twice that night, and I’m wondering what’s going to affect the cachers more: the time change, or the diabolical series of caches we’ve come up with as a group. I’m voting for the caches myself.

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