Three Days to GCYE32

Tick, tick, tick. The date is getting closer. Just a few last minute details to take care of. Need some more hot chocolate, gotta get the water. Should I make name badges? I’d certainly like to – I wonder how well the printer will behave. I’d better do that tomorrow night or not at all. I’ve got another shopping trip to fit in. So many little details!

All the cache listings got approved today, so I’m quite happy about that. This close to the event it would have been quite the adventure to move one of the caches. The final took four of us a couple hours to set up last week, something we just don’t have time for this close to the night! Mother Nature isn’t being my friend, looks like she’s planning to give us rain and cold. Hopefully not too windy, that tends to discourage a lot of cachers and the caching after the pub is what I’m considering the “main event”. It’s time to start charging up batteries and laying out my ‘ready kit’. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll even get some night caching of our own in after the stragglers are done. Good thing about setting out permanent caches, is that we don’t have to run out and pick everything up after it’s done.

I’ve got a few more caches to place too, including a sequel to Secret Encoder and one I’ll be able to watch from my back yard.¬† The night caches have to be the most fun ones I’ve setup so far, and I’ve got lots of left over material¬†– so there’s going to be more where this series came from!

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