Goblin Patrol

This year I went out and did something different for Halloween. No, not a different costume. I didn’t go to a party, either. This year I spent the whole time in my car.

The Peel Amateur Radio Club held it’s 14th annual Goblin Patrol, where dozens of HAM operators get in their cars and patrol parts of Brampton for anything that may warrant the attention of Peel Regional Police. We covered 450 km of driving and somewhere around 100 man hours quietly observing conditions in various neighbourhoods.

If we see something, for example a group of people fighting behind a school, we radio it in to our net controller, who then informs the police. We act as an extra set of eyes and don’t get involved in any incidents we may observe. This helps ensure the little ones enjoy a safe (hopefully fun) night, year after year.

 This year I was a assigned an area in the north-west portion of Brampton, and I had a pretty quiet patrol. Next year, I’ve been asked to handle net control (which is always fun).


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