Autumn, Canadian Style

Autumn, Canadian Style

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So many people this year telling me that autumn wasn’t as nice as other years. I’m tending to disagree, naturally. There is always a reason to hit the trails during this fabulous season. Even when the wide vistas of ever changing trees is a bit dull, there will be small victories on the trail.

There’s not many bugs, yet it’s still warm enough to hike without gloves on. First frost is an excellent time to take the camera outside, and the sun gets low enough in the morning to make some amazing effects with the mists that are present around dawn. Soon the long days will give way to the long nights of winter – but this also means we won’t have nearly as much heat shimmer in distant landscape shots. Of course, the camera will need special attention to be delivering long exposure photographs in the ultra cold temperatures of winter.

In the meantime, reasonably cool nights and warm days make for some good reasons to get out there and discover the woodland trails like you haven’t seen them before.

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