New project this week. I’ve obtained the aprsd software from sourceforge and it’s listening to one of the IGate servers out there. Some of the cool things I can use this software for?

 – I can send a message to my server and have it do something/respond to my callsign. APRS being what it is, the responses will be kept short and sweet. This isn’t meant to replace packet radio after all. The messages will be iGated back out to RF if I’ve beaconed recently

– All stations within 400km of my home are being monitored via TCP/IP (I don’t have an APRS base station at this time), and I can have programs act on this data. For example, I can watch for weather alerts or update a web page with APRS stations on it.

– One interesting thought…. watch for EMERGENCY messages and send them out over SMS to a cell phone. May be useful for ARES type activities.

 We’ll see what transpires, but for now the daemon software is running – and all access to it is restricted to my internal network, for now. Not sure how much I trust software that appears to be dormant for three years in the development cycle.

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