The View from Downstream

The View from Downstream

Originally uploaded by Gregory Pleau.

I visited a couple geocaches on Friday. As I routinely go caching with a few friends, there are caches that I just never got around to visiting – yet these spots are within a few kilometres of my home!

When I set out, the forecast called for chilly temperatures, high winds and loads of rain. Fortunately for me, those conditions stayed away until I was about 200 metres from the car, on the way back from the two geocaches I visited.

The waterfall pictured is located just north of Terra Cotta conservation area, along the Bruce Trail. I dragged my tripod 2 kilometres to get it here, up a couple hills to boot. Good thing I brought it, as flowing water is perfect for long exposure shots. I used my brand new 8X Neutral Density filter and set about taking various exposures ranging from 1 second to 8 seconds. I’ve also been playing with some of the RGB/sRGB colour spaces on the camera. This was taken in Mode IIIa, but I instructed Nikon Capture to render it in Mode II instead. Didn’t really have to make any other modifications to the photo – so it’s pretty much posted as I shot it.

The moss along this trail was almost fluorescent green. The weatherman says it’ll be covered in snow at this time tomorrow, so I think it’s a good thing I made it here when I did. I’m actually looking forward to a good winter blast – I’ll head down to the Barber Mill and the Credit Valley Footpath once it hits to see if I can get some good “winter” shots this year after all.

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