Strobist Fun

Kristen and her Laptop

Now that I’ve finished reading Joe McNally’s book, The Moment it Clicks, I’m really eager to play around with more off camera flash than ever.

This photo is a copy of the popular “Strobist and his laptop” by David Hobby. I’m trying to play a bit more with softening the light, and I’m using an umbrella to throw the ‘ambient’ lighting on the flash to the right, and a piece of paper looped over the flash on the laptop.

Here’s the setup shot:

Today I recevied my Honl Speedgrids. These grids are essentially closely packed tubes which are mounted on the end of my flash unit to direct the light in a more direct pattern. This allows me to control light spill and use my speedlights in a more controlled manner. More on this once I get to actually use one of them. In the photo above, I’d probably use one to highlight the back of the laptop with a bit of light.

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