Ontario Trails Project – 0.68 Release

I just posted the newest version of the Ontario Trails Project to the site.

This is a full release, all file formats (except GPX, which will be up in a day or so). I updated the MapSource, KML, ESRI Shape File formats, and added a new download type to support the newer Garmin handheld GPS unit firmwares that allow multiple map files – you can download the Garmin IMG file from the site and just copy it to your GPS, no more fussing with MapSource (unless you want to).


Here’s what we changed in this release

Updated – Bruce Trail Iroquois Section – Trail Closures from October 2009
Updated – Bruce Trail Niagara Section – Reroutes near Mountainview CA (northernpenguin, GPS)
Updated – Bruce Trail – Hockley Heights Side Trail, Dufferin County (northernpenguin, GPS)
Updated – Seaton Trail portions (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Updated – Oshawa-Whitby Waterfront Trail (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Updated – Oshawa, Whitby Municipal Trails (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Updated – Jacyee Trail, Livingston Trail, Milton (northernpenguin, GPS)
Updated – Credit Meadows Trail, Orangeville (northernpenguin, GPS)
Updated – Mill Creek Trail, Orangeville (northernpenguin, GPS)
Updated – Municipal Trails in Milton, Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Porritt Tract, Aurora (fababoo, GPS)
Added – The Humber Trail, Vaughan (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Kortright Centre, Vaughan (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Ardagh Bluffs Trails, Barrie (northernpenguin)
Added – Bruce County Rail Trail (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Alton Grange Trails, Alton (northernpenguin, GPS+Aerial)
Added – Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve Trails (rovers3, GPS)
Added – Rail Trail Park Trail (rovers3, GPS)
Added – Hardy Lake Provincial Parks Trails (rovers3, GPS)
Added – Ganaraska Trail Portion (rovers3, GPS)
Added – Ragged Falls Trail (rovers3, GPS)
Added – New Hungry Hollow Boardwalk Trail, Georgetown (chris-mouse, GPS)
Added – Wasaga Beach Boardwalk (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Added – Flinton Trails (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Added – Cloyne ATV Trail (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Added – Heber Down Trail Section (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Added – Presquille Beach Connections Trail (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Added – Presquille Lighthouse Trail (ky.m.guy, GPS)
Added – Sam Lawrence Park Trails, Hamilton (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Island Lake Trail (rovers3, GPS)
Added – Municipal Trails in Mississagua (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Missing portion of Stubb’s Falls Trail, Arrowhead PP (chris-mouse, GPS)
Added – Beaver Meadow Trail, Arrowhead PP (chris-mouse, GPS)
Added – Portion of Famous Trail, Gould Lake CA (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Mica Loop, Gould Lake CA (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Mizzy Lake Trail, Algonquin PP (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Tom Dixon Trail, Gould Lake CA (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Portions of Wagon Trail, Gould Lake CA (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Centennial Ridges Trail – Coon Lake Loop, Algonquin PP (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Missing portions of Old Railway Rail Trail, Algonquin PP (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Track and Tower Trail – Algonquin (swimmerguy, GPS)
Added – Missing portion of GRLT near Acton (res2100, rovers3, GPS)
Added – Kelso MTB Trails in Milton (Robert Prouse, GPS)
Added – Municipal Trails in Guelph (northernpenguin GPS, Aerial)
Added – Unnamed trail in Speyside Tract (Avernar GPS)

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