Ontario Trails Project – 0.70

Another update to the Ontario Trails Project is posted, with a bunch of new trails and updates.
Thanks to Avernar, we now have a build that works with Basecamp! Also watch for the new trail designation – trails on roads and also parking areas have been added. 

There WAS a 0.69 beta, but we’ve skipped that and gone straight to 0.70 for the Basecamp support.

Ont-Trails 0.70 – 13 FEB 2010

Changed Line Types:
– Added dotted line to designate trails that follow roadways / shoulders
– Added Parking Area POI type. A $ in the name indicates payment required
Updated build files to accomodate Garmin Basecamp (thanks Avernar!)
Updated build files to properly track Map version number internally
Added – Stouffville Town Trail portions (northernpenguin, GPS/Aerial)

Ont-Trails 0.69 BETA 6 – 4 FEB 2010

Added – *** MNR Trails from June 2009 – January 2010 Merged – Province Wide Updates ***
Added – Durham Regional Forest Trails – (Dennis Anderson, GPS)
Added – More municipal trails in Markham/North York (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Unopened Rail Trails in West Brantford, details to be added when available (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Millenium Trail System – Woodstock (northernpenguin Aerial)
Added – Lynn Valley Trail – Port Dover/Simcoe (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Howard Watson Nature Trail – Sarnia (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Municpal Trails in Sarnia (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Veteran’s Memorial Walk – Tillsonburg (northernpenguin, Aerial/GPS)
Added – Watts Creek Pathway – Ottawa (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – West Greenbelt Pathway  – Ottawa (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Shoreline Trail  – Ottawa (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Added – Old Quarry Trail – Ottawa (northernpenguin)
Added – Sarsaparilla Trail – Ottawa (northernpenguin)

Updated – John Lawson Trail – Ingersoll (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Updated – Thomas Ingersoll Scenic Trail – Ingersoll (northernpenguin, Aerial)
Updated – Iroquois Shoreline Trails – Oakville (Avernar, GPS)
Updated – BPACH Trail – Brantford (Avernar, GPS)

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