Singhampton Fern

Singhampton Fern, originally uploaded by Gregory Pleau.

This was a rare experiment for me, while visiting the Singhampton Caves and Standing Rock along the Bruce Trail near Collingwood, Ontario. The fern was in a portion of the caves where almost no wind was to be found, and that let me setup for an HDR photo where the sunbeam was hitting it. Even with no movement at all, the sheer amount of light difference between the cave and that sunlit fern was quite the challenge to get right. The spider web was a bonus.

This photo is also my first foray into using Aperture on my Macbook. I’ve had enough little problems with Lightroom and my external drive (lost work!) that I’m going ahead and trying the “Mac” software instead.

The reason for my visit was the geocache in the area named Eagles Nest; Cavern Walk.

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