145/365: High Falls Slide.

Day two of the Barron Canyon trip. Today was mainly paddling across Grand Lake, Stratton Lake and St. Andrews Lake. It seemed we were paddling against the wind the entire way so the camera tended to stay inside it’s waterproof drybag for protection. Well, that and I’ve reached the point where I tend not to pull out the camera for “trees and water” pics that could be generic for any part of Algonquin. So, low photo day. Again, today’s photo is representative of the “highlight” of the day … here’s the “High Falls Slide”. We stopped here for a break from the paddling and frankly this is like a little amusement park in Algonquin. People are wearing their life jackets like little diapers to protect their rear end from the bumps along the way but you get the picture. Jump in the water and yell “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” until splashdown, climb out, repeat. Great fun!

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