204/365: Mossy Rocks and Raindrops.

Took a trip down to Hamilton Beach for a picnic with Kristen today. Only, we found the picnic would be ruined by a visitor … no, no ants. In this case we had a major thunderstorm camped out on the beach. So, it would be a picnic in the car with our Pad Thai. Along the way, I stopped at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters and took a few photos of the storm’s effect on Burlington Bay. Probably not the smartest thing in the world to do with lightning in the area but I managed to get in and out without ill effects. This photo is a 3 exposure HDR – done in Photomatix, not “in camera”. I still find the D800 doesn’t do HDR nearly as well as my existing process. I believe this is the first HDR I’ve posted since I got the D800 though. After taking these photos we watched Eastport Drive flood over two feet deep and we saw Red Hill Creek way overflow it’s banks (I can think of a few geocaches that are certainly gone now). We ended the outing at Sherman Falls which was way, way more pronounced than usual due to the heavy rains. 

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