234/365: Lunar Shed.

Oh the fun with epiphanies. One thing I need to remind myself from time to time is that I am out making art, versus taking photos. I don’t work for a newspaper, I aim to get photos that would be printed and hung on a wall. With that in mind, I was driving home last night and saw my favourite little abandoned shed by the Maple Lodge Farms building in Brampton. The moon was out and I got it into my head that I’d like to see the two objects together in my photo. Only problem was, to do that would require some amount of trespassing to get close enough that I could drop my angle of view down. Nah, this called for a more radical approach. I’ll just put the moon where I want it. I took a landscape with the shed in it, then framed the moon — zoomed in a bit — and let Photoshop’s “blend layers” do the rest of the dirty work. Now, I’m not terribly happy with the final photo, but I *am* happy with the awakening to the creative possibilities here, and really, isn’t creative juices what a 365 day project is all about?

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