237/365: Home in the Horse Tails.

I went out night caching, with friends and a canoe last night. Along the way I was taking pictures of an Osprey and a Heron – rather impressed with what I could pull out with a flashlight and ISO 12,800 on the D800. Afterward, while the other half of the group was out paddling I wandered over to a patch of horse tails with a path down the middle. Spent several minutes light painting the horse tails before I noticed I was catching this little spider making a web when I checked one of the close up photos. This became my new muse, and I repositioned the camera for a better angle on the arachnid. Something to remember here with this cropped image – this was in total darkness, there was slight movement with the light breeze on everything, and I didn’t use flash… all the light here comes from me waving a flashlight across the scene from behind and left of the camera. 

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