241/365: Hot Wheels.

Interesting day today. Worked late, again. Leaving the office just as twilight is fading to night and I’m starting my drive wondering where I’m going to get the motivation to crank out a photo for today sometime within the next three hours when I just want to drop on a pillow and greet sunrise instead. As I’m pondering this I notice there’s a big storm cloud coming up on the horizon. Close the sunroof it’s gonna rain, and rain hard. Then I notice that the cloud is quite isolated, and attached to the ground. Up ahead. I think it’s a fire, and getting closer it really looks like a fire … but if something was on fire wouldn’t there be fire trucks and police cars and such? Turns out, as I’m pulling off into a nearby parking lot I have my answer. It’s a fire alright, there’s a truck yard going up and the reason for no emergency lights is simple. I got there first. As I’m parking the car, two pump trucks and about three police cruisers arrive to do their thing. I’ve got enough time to grab the good camera and walk over to the other bystanders with their iPhones taking pictures. I guess it was assumed I was some kind of journalist as I got a wide berth and while the police shooed the iPhone toting photographers away they left me to my own devices. Could also be that with the 200mm lens I didn’t have to get dangerously close to the scene either. Anyway, that question about what photo to post today got answered pretty much on demand. No ambulances showed up so I’m pretty sure nobody got hurt, just property damage and it looked to me like most of the vehicles there were not going to be driven any time soon anyway. 

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