266/365: Dream Pool.

This is the “Dream Pool” at Luray Caverns, a very, very “Tacky Tourist Thing” but we took the time to visit nevertheless. This time of year the groups are large and you have to stick with a guide who moves a little quick for much in the way of photos. It took me a few attempts to get this photo with other tourists sticking their camera out in front of my lens, pointing their finger across the 10mm image area, or knocking my tripod during the 1-4 second exposure times. I did manage to get a few decent photos once the crowd died down, and I didn’t manage to fling anyone over the railing to the depths below thankfully. The image is of the “Dream Pool” – 2500 sqft of water pooled in an underground cavern that’s a maximum of 18 inches deep. The illusion here is from the perfect flat surface that reflects the cave ceiling. 

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