15/365: Crack of Light.

15/365: Crack of Light., originally uploaded by Gregory Pleau.

This was fun. As usual lately I went out to look for a geocache after work. Found it, and then started mapping a social trail that was missing on my GPS. At the end of the trail is a highway culvert, which I followed checking out the graffiti and other things. Then I saw the icicle. I say “the” icicle as it was by itself halfway across the highway and about 7 feet long dripping from a drain in the roof. I positioned a flashlight to illuminate just the icicle and stepped back to grab a few photos of it. My favourite is this one, where the icicle is set against the blackness of the tunnel and that’s it. The shot is handheld and it’s also full colour – it just looks like it’s black and white.

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