29/365: Three Ways to Light The Mist.

All red, I might add. I’m a big fan of fog and rain and inclement weather when I have a camera handy. I stopped by the Mount Pleasant GO station in Brampton for a quick geocache amid a heavy downpour. After putting the geocache back in it’s hiding spot, the rain stopped – more or less. I wasn’t going to point a lens up and keep it dry but at least I could wander around in the remaining fog. I got lazy-ish on this photo and skipped the tripod, it’s handheld. I also got tired of arguing with the camera meter so I dialed it full manual adjusting the ISO instead of the aperture or shutter speed. I locked it to 30sec at f/4 after a couple test shots gave me the results I wanted – namely those rays of red light with a darkish background.

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