Big McCoy Evening Campfire II

Another view of our group around the campfire on Big McCoy Island. This one facing the other direction and thus we have the Milky Way making an appearance.
Taken on September 23, 2016 at 04:50PM Uploaded October 05, 2016 at 04:05PM

Big McCoy Evening Campfire I

A view of our campfire on Big McCoy Island at night. As tinder is scarce on the actual island, we packed our firewood in on the back of our kayaks from a local supplier near Dillon Marina.

Taken on September 24, 2016 at 04:28PM Uploaded September 28, 2016 at 03:53PM

Artificial Sunset

Looking back toward Parry Sound from Big McCoy Island on Georgian Bay. The "sunset" is actually the city lights from Parry Sound itself.

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Camping on Big McCoy Island

This weekend was a first for me. With friends, I took a kayak out on an overnight backcountry trip. The trip took us to "Big McCoy Island" on Georgian Bay – much further out into big water than I would ever dare to take my canoe. Here’s one of the tents in our group framed agains the Milky Way and the lights from Parry Sound.

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Where The Smurfs Live

A mushroom along the Bruce Trail in Bruce Peninsula National Park.
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Inviting Trail

A wooded section of The Bruce Trail near Tobermory, Ontario. The last light of the day was illuminating the overhead canopy here.
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McIntosh Marsh / Grassy Bay

After the portage east out of McIntosh Lake we encountered this calm green utopia. Well, it was a paddling utopia because we had a tail wind and no bugs. Otherwise it would be paddling hell! I’m standing on a beaver dam liftover for this photo looking eastward.

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Blue Light Special on McIntosh Lake

The view from my tent as the sun began to set on McIntosh Lake in Algonquin Park. This was a wonderfully quiet scene to sit and relax with my coffee & Bailey’s.

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Room with the Best View

"Waterfront view, 1 bedroom with boat access".

This was the view from my tent on Macintosh Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park a couple weeks ago. Better than any hotel room, anywhere.

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That’s one hell of a portage….

This portage sign in the middle of Grassy Bay does not actually mean what it appears to. The sign sits among hundreds of metres of swamp and lake in all directions so getting out of the canoe here is not recommended. It actually directs paddlers to the exit for White Trout Lake is that-a-way. My friend Jeff is pictured in his solo pack canoe approaching the sign.
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