Some Light Reading on Cinder Lake

Just after dusk on Cinder Lake, here’s an image of me reading my Kindle beside my tent. Cinder Lake is in the Poker Lakes area not far from Minden, Ontario.

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City Paddlers

(From 2014) Paddling canoes in Downtown Toronto. We put in at Cherry Beach and spent the day paddling around the Toronto Islands.
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A couple of the waterfalls along the Gorge Trail at Watkin’s Glen State Park in autumn.
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Notch Creek

A view of Notch Creek below the part where the portage trail crosses it. This is in Killarney Provincial Park, on the way to Nellie Lake from Murray Lake.
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Hardwood Creek Waterfall

Hardwood Creek drains into the Barron Canyon just downstream from the most prominent part of the canyon. If you’re mindful of the copious amounts of poison ivy, you can pull the canoe out and walk up to this beautiful waterfall.

Taken on June 24, 2015 at 10:06AM Uploaded July 17, 2015 at 02:03PM

Barron Canyon, Upstream

100 metre cliffs are the most pronounced part of Algonquin’s Barron Canyon. This was where Lake Algonquin (the predecessor of the Great Lakes) once drained to the St. Lawrence.

Photo was taken from a canoe in the Barron River just upstream from the highest cliffs.

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Trickle Down

A closeup on the creek in the gorge at Watkin’s Glen.
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The Heart of the Glen

A narrow part of the gorge at Watkin’s Glen State Park. Here the creek transitions through the shale in a series of waterfalls and pools of water. Photo was taken on a rainy day, which gives everything a bit more shine.

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Nellie Lake

Nellie Lake, in Killarney Provincial Park is known for it’s crystal clear water. On a calm day you can see 28 metres down.
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Crossing the Notch

The portage to Nellie Lake follows (for the most part) Notch Creek. About a third of the way up, one must cross said creek. It’s just deep enough to be slippery to walk with a canoe on your head, and it’s just fast enough (and short enough) to make floating the canoe impractical. Here, my friend Paul carries his pack canoe across the creek.
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