Buffalo Fireworks from the Canadian Side

The “Order of the BFL” as we call our night caching group once again found a way to prove that there are scenic things to see when out on the trails at night.

In this case, the trail happened to be paved. While we were completing a multi-cache along the Niagara Parkway (based on the war of 1812) we looked left and saw a good reason to ignore stage 7 for a little while.

It seems that someone was having a party in Buffalo! Hard to see fireworks during the day….

Pardon my dust!

I’ve decided to take the plunge and try out a different software package for my website here. Up to now, I’ve been using blosxom – and it’s been a champ, particularly when it comes to that automatic geocache log post script I’ve got running.

Thing is, WordPress seems to have a better development community around it so there are just so many cool things I can do with this software – like posting my photos direct from flickr, or use my PDA to write articles offline and post them later.

I managed to find the import button, which should have brought most of the old content forward, with the exception of the geocaching logs. I’m not really up on the WordPress API yet to make another auto-script. The other thing is that I prefer to keep those logs seperate so they don’t take over the entire website.

Bad news for you, the person reading this, is that you’ll have to update your rss feed again.

Photoblog: RSSC Listening Station

This picture was a bit rushed, as we didn’t want the gate closed on us. This is the Regional Spectrum Services Center in Acton. It’s one of the facilities that Industry Canada uses to monitor the radio spectrum in the Greater Toronto Area. The tower is 200′, but it is the same elevation as the observation deck on the CN Tower due to the escarpment.

We had a pretty interesting tour of this facility last night.

Geocaching: I Made the paper today!

Well, it looks like all that fun we had in Bracebridge a couple weeks ago had made the local news there. We had a freelance reporter join us for the first few geocaches of the day – 25 or so people all with snowshoes on.

That was a fun day, and you’ve already seen some of the photos. Some of the day’s highlights were

  • Snowshoeing up a rock cut instead of using the proper trail
  • Roaming snowball fights, including one were we got Chris-Mouse and SPIKE back before they could get off the pedestrian bridge (no ammo there!)
  • The 1km long rolling snowball fight
  • Driving down a summer-only maintained logging road and meeting everyone at the parking co-ordinates from the direction of the hiking trail
  • Following TOMTEC on the wrong way to a cache, and taking the road out.
  • Watching 30 geocachers try to find a pub with mapping GPS units and radios
  • Trying to fit 30 or so people into a pub that barely seats that many
  • The pub grub — that was fantastic stuff
  • Find #600

    Finally got find #600 after missing it on a couple weekends and then spending most of my geocaching time on Friday looking for some lost electronics instead. I got to try out my new Snow Shoes though (Atlas 830s) and boy are they ever nice to tromp around the snow in. Occasionally one of us were too lazy to shoe up on Friday night and that person would fall behind and get tired fast.

    On Saturday we had a family function up in Barrie (about an hour north of home) and that just begged for a travel bug drop off. On the way back we hit two caches in Innisfil and Alliston – I dropped off four bugs, two at a time and found #600 at “The Brody Trio” around 10pm.

    Moving some things around.

    I’ve decided that the Geocaching logs have been drowning out the other content on this blog, so I’ve seperated them out into their own section. You can access them using the “My Geocaching Adventures” link on the left hand side. RSS feeds have been moved to accomodate this, so please edit and re-sync them.