Find #600

Finally got find #600 after missing it on a couple weekends and then spending most of my geocaching time on Friday looking for some lost electronics instead. I got to try out my new Snow Shoes though (Atlas 830s) and boy are they ever nice to tromp around the snow in. Occasionally one of us were too lazy to shoe up on Friday night and that person would fall behind and get tired fast.

On Saturday we had a family function up in Barrie (about an hour north of home) and that just begged for a travel bug drop off. On the way back we hit two caches in Innisfil and Alliston – I dropped off four bugs, two at a time and found #600 at “The Brody Trio” around 10pm.

Moving some things around.

I’ve decided that the Geocaching logs have been drowning out the other content on this blog, so I’ve seperated them out into their own section. You can access them using the “My Geocaching Adventures” link on the left hand side. RSS feeds have been moved to accomodate this, so please edit and re-sync them.

Photoblog: Sims everywhere!

Grabbed this shot on final approach to Calgary Int’l. It reminds me of SimCity when I look at the photo. Pulled the shot off by setting my digital camera to ISO400 and manually speeding up the shutter to max. We were travelling at 500 km/h at this point …

Photoblog: Gonna get myself connected…

This is at the top of the “mountain” in Stoney Creek. At first glance it looked like somebody was collecting dishes but then I started to notice all the television station logos. Apparently the big transmission tower in the background (and it IS big – it’s a kilometer away in the back) is known as the Hamilton TV Tower.