Radio: OVHFA Meeting

Just got back from an interesting day put on by the Ontario VHF Association at the Humber College campus. This is also where one of my geocaching (and ham radio) friends works. I’m starting to recognize some faces and call-signs from other club meetings and repeaters now.

The day itself was quite interesting, from the digital communications talks to the operator that worked at a major radio facility in Puerto Rico showing us sliddes of a dish 1km wide and the associated antennas 600M up from the dish. Definately not an environment I’d be working in, between the heights and the multi-megawatt power running through the place. They actually have a safety cutoff that does it’s job by exploding. That’s for safety. Wow.

There was also quite a bit of talk on DX’ing and contests, some of which may be interesting – I’m picturing an Equinox powered Rover unit in the future….

The meetings wrapped up with the usual pledge for volunteers and some other semi-formal topics before dinner and socializing. Next year’s meeting is going to be around Sept 30, and I’m going to go back to it. Fun day for sure.

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