Up to speed now

Originally uploaded by Gregory Pleau.

Got my good news call from Nikon on Thursday. Seems they repaired my flash. Friday night was geocaching night – and I tried to play with the coloured gels on my flash unit. Well, I learned one thing already — don’t trust them on a windy night. Got to chase that little gel around a bit, as it doesn’t stay in the flash very well.

We visited a few caches on Friday – the best one had to be “Big Echo“, a 7 stage multi up and down Little Etobicoke Creek. Some of the more clever micros that I’ve seen in a while. Especially the one on the hydro tower. We also visited Mini-Multi – which has a downright evil second stage – and Little Echo.

Golf Depot was placed a little close to someone’s fence for my liking, and Anne/Margaret had us drive around the block a few times looking for parking – eventually we stashed the car in a church parking lot.

The photo comes from Etobicoke’s Secret Green – this is a cache that’s been on our todo list for a while now, having gleaned the co-ordinates from a 20+ stage multicache, we didn’t have time that night to come by and visit this one. The writing was created simply by moving a flashlight (aimed at the camera) during the 30 second exposure. Fun fun fun!

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